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general Aire 1042 humidifier

General Aire 1042 Humidifier

Bypass flow-through style uses a pipe to bring water directly to an electrically controlled valve at the top of the humidifier. Air passes through an aluminum pad (often called a biscuit; the term “biscuit” emphasizes the solid rather than foamy form) which is similar to a piece of extremely coarse. The pad has a coating of ceramic, resulting in an extremely large surface area within a small space. When the humidistat calls for humidity, the valve is opened and causes a spray of water onto the pad. Hot air is passed through the pad, causing the water to evaporate from the pad and be carried into the building.

Advantages Include:
  • Reduced maintenance (new pad is needed only when clogged with dust or mineral deposits, typically once per year)
  • Lack of a pan of potentially stagnant water to serve as a breeding ground for mold as with a drum-style humidifier
  • No incidental humidification caused by a constantly replenished pan of water in a high velocity air stream
  • Reduced requirement for expensive air filters
  • Uses little electricity

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