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What Are the Risks of a Mismatched Furnace and AC?

There is a reason why the HVAC is called a "system" – the furnace and AC must be working together as one unit. These days, manufacturers who design the heating and air conditioning units do so in a way that ensures the components complement each other...

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How to Optimize Your AC Performance in Winter

Turning your AC on in the summer is completely normal, especially if you want to stay cool and fresh. But the idea of running your AC during winter might seem like madness – or is it? There is a logical explanation for why you need to run this appliance in the winter...

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Furnace Replacement Cost in Canada: A Detailed Guide

With more and more people spending time at home, keeping up with home repairs and improvement has risen on the list of priorities among Canadians. A furnace replacement is one of those home improvement projects that can significantly improve your comfort level at home, especially during the harsh winter months...

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Common Air Conditioner Problems and How to Fix Them

Air conditioning repair is potentially expensive. Professionals recommend regular maintenance and checkup of your air conditioning units to ensure that you can avoid costly repairs. At the same time, you want to keep your AC in good condition...

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